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    Well here is a hemp/weed theme I made for a buddy of mine that owns a hemp clothing store here on Long Island , I thought some CB'ers might like it also
    UPDATE _ just added some green precsion icons and its looks ... well .....GREEN

    UPDATE - GOT A BIT GREENER , New Battery meter , Signal meter , WiFi meter , and Volume - NOW ALL GREEN Thanks to ryaninfg ! !

    Sorry about the blurry screen shots my screen capture app sucks

    some cool wallpapers , I like the lock screen the best

    if anyone would like different wallpapers or screens just ask

    Here are some screen shots
    Attachment 47717Attachment 47718Attachment 47493

    and the zip
    Attachment 47719
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    12-04-09 08:23 PM
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    A couple of things to make this a little more green....
    12-04-09 08:53 PM
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    Thanks dude , these are awesome Im off to update right now

    very generous of you
    12-05-09 03:45 AM
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    How bout an ota?

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    12-06-09 11:12 AM
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    another update , added I made the precision icons green
    12-07-09 05:20 AM