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    Hello I'm new to all of this and just noticed I can get new themes and I'm trying to learn how and all that and don't know anything. First thread please help me lol. Thanks all :-).
    06-29-09 01:18 AM
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    Welcome to Crackberry!

    Getting themes is pretty easy on the Blackberry.

    Free Themes - First of all, you are in the right area and off to a good start. Once in this forum, use the search tool using a brief description of what your looking for.
    All though since people tend to name their themes you may end up having to do a little scrolling and clicking to have a look at them all. I personally just scroll through and click on anything that looks interesting.

    Premium Themes (not free) - For premium themes you'll want to look here in the App Store. Located on the front page of this website. Themes BlackBerry Software - Crackberry BlackBerry Software Store

    When looking for a new theme it is good to also visit the forum's Community Reviews section here http://forums.crackberry.com/f118/ to read up on anything you are thinking about purchasing. Also, a lot of times you can find a free version of a premium theme in this forum. It may have a couple bugs or not be 100% complete but it's good if you want to check it out before you spend $6 or $7. Also there are some premium themes that offer a free trial version. I have never used one so I am not sure what they are all about.

    Hope I was able to help out in your quest for a theme. Here is a link that has a few free themes. There is a Storm like "L" theme that is kind of a dark blue. It's an L and it's not light blue anyway . It happens to be the one I am using now and I have had absolutely no issues at all with it. Also a friend of mine has been using it for a week or 2 longer than me and he also has had no problems.

    One thing to keep in mind is to also keep an eye on your app memory. Also that after installing a theme it's good to a battery pull. Even if after installing it asks you to restart, a battery pull is a good idea.
    A theme can also potentailly cause a memory leak in your Blackberry making it run slower over time. If this is happening to you then it's time to take a look at the apps you have, make sure you are closing out of them and not just backing out of them. Search the forums to see if any apps have a known memory leak. If then all else is good and it is the theme, you will need to delete it and restart your quest for a theme.

    Again, hope I was able to help out and enjoy !
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    This theme isn't an L, but for a donation, I'm sure Ryan could make you one:


    They don't get any bluer than this, even the text entry backgrounds, where possible, are navy blue.
    06-29-09 02:22 PM