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    I've been making themes lately, & decided to share them, so I set up this blog Haute Couture Themes to showcase/share them.

    I'll add more as I make them & I'll def. take requests if anyone has something they'd like me to make!

    Please comment on my blog or here if you use a theme! I'd love to see your homescreen pictures too!


    Victoria's Secret - Doutzen Kreos | Today Plus

    Purple Starry Theme | Today Plus

    Purple Starry Theme | Clean Bottom Dock

    Fashionista Theme | Today Plus | Bottom Icons | Random Icons

    Candy Cane Lane/Christmas Theme | Today Plus | Double Side Icons

    Cuppycakes| Today Plus | Zen - Also available for 8100

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    12-16-09 12:31 AM
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    ADDED NEW: Fashionista Theme
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    12-19-09 12:22 AM
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    Great work =)
    12-19-09 06:06 PM
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    Fashionisha may be my theme in the New Year! Thanks!

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    12-20-09 05:08 AM
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    Just updated with a cute little christmas/candy cane theme! Enjoy the holidays & watch for the upcoming Valentine's Day themes in the next week.

    I might also do the christmas theme with precision icons as well!
    12-20-09 11:36 PM
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    Great! I'll check it out! The Christ. one was the only today I found! I have CB's zen right now but I like to see my calendar on the main!

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    12-21-09 04:43 AM
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    Oh duh! You include screen shots! Oh yeah! I think cb is coming down! Thanks!

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    12-21-09 04:55 AM
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    ACK! Still no OTA! Well, I'm home and dh is at work so I can get to the PC..
    12-21-09 06:15 AM
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    Anybody else having trouble or is it user error? I usually do OTA and don't bother with zips but I can't find a today except these!
    12-21-09 06:44 AM
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    Okay, so for DM you need to click the download link in the blog post, and hit open when prompted. IT should unzip the folder and you can choose where you the files to go when they're unzipped. I suggest makign a folder on your desktop and putting them in there.

    Then plug your bb into the computer using your usb cable and open up Desktop Manager. Once that's open and loaded, go to application loader. All your apps should show up with options to check/uncheck them. Don't touch any of that. Near the bottom it says BROWSE. Click that and browse for the folder you made with the unzipped theme files in it. Open the folder and there should be a .alx file showing up. Double click it and tehn click next on the application loader.

    DO NOT DISCONNECT YOUR PHONE... the application loader with shut it down and reboot it while it updates your applications and it will tell you it has successfully updated etc etc. Once that screen shows up, it is safe to unplug the phone and the theme should be listed in your themes under options.

    Hope that helped!
    12-21-09 07:39 AM
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    ACK! Still no OTA! Well, I'm home and dh is at work so I can get to the PC..
    Sorry! I don't have anywhere to host OTA. =[
    12-21-09 07:40 AM
  12. Cathyxx724's Avatar
    dl fashionista theme . looks nice will try it out after Christmas. thanks for sharing your themes!!
    12-21-09 09:47 AM
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    Updated with a nice pink cupcake theme for 8330 (os 4.5 & 5.0) & 8100 (os 4.5)

    Valenines Day & Anti Valenines Day coming soon!
    12-26-09 12:19 AM
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    I don't know what I did but eventually got the candy cane! Day after Christmas--I'm feeling fashionista! Let's srr if I can recreate what I did!

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    12-26-09 06:27 AM
  15. bella0913's Avatar
    Really cute! I just downloaded the Valentine's cupcake theme for 5.0. Yeah!
    02-09-10 08:22 PM
  16. Cathyxx724's Avatar
    dlg valentine cuppycake theme , looks cute !!
    thanks for sharing!!!!!
    02-10-10 08:42 AM
  17. pytsteph's Avatar
    I really don't mind helping out and offering webspace for OTA's! I hate that I can't download stuff from my Mac because I can't run the new DM

    Anyway shoot me a PM if you're interested, can't wait for OTA's for the Cupcake 5.0 zen version, I lost the one I got through a friends DM... fail.
    02-10-10 01:00 PM
  18. blessed2bamommie's Avatar
    Ohhhh did she take you up? I tried to ask my web developer dh.... men!
    04-09-10 10:18 AM