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    I haven't done this yet, but when you download a theme or wallpaper, especially ones that you pay for, are they saved in your BB until you delete them? So if I purchased 4 different themes, I can switch back and forth without having to pay for them again? Same thing for wallpapers I assume?
    Thank you kindly in advance.
    06-22-08 08:17 PM
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    Yes, one you purchase themes or wallpapers and download them onto your device...if you have 4 different themes lets say and 4 different wallpapers you can switch them back and forth & display and or use which ever of the 4 you wish to use.... once you buy the theme or wallpaper you own that copy...

    You can swtich your theme by going to Options>themes

    And you can switch your wallpaper by going to Media> Pictures once you find the picture you want to use as your home screen then press the BB Menu Key and select "use as Home screen image"
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    06-22-08 08:26 PM
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    Thank you! Was pretty sure, but not 100%
    I want to download 4 sports themes.
    06-22-08 08:27 PM