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    Cfrock and skippyhdog officially bring a brand new kind of theme. Virtually eliminate the need to go to your applications list. This theme is smooth, functional, and doesn't take up much space on your blackberry. This theme was made for the 8530, but I heard it runs on the 8330. Can anyone confirm this? I used to own an 8330, so I thought Id try to show yall some theme love to!
    --Branded Theme--

    -Vertical and Horizontal Scrolling Docks
    -Custom Docks
    -Hidden Today (access to today only from bottom dock)
    -Easy navigation between docks
    -along with the blackberry's native hotkeys, the "s" key opens sms and mms; "c" key opens clock; "g" key opens manage connections
    -------set "dial from homescreen" option to "no" under options-phone options-general options to work more efficiently
    -<escape> key hides both docks, to get the back, just start scrolling!

    *slots 1-10 are the horizontal; slots 11-20 are the vertical
    *to get to horizontal dock from vertical dock scroll right then down, almost in one motion
    *to get to vertical dock from horizontal dock scroll up then left, almost in one motion

    *get to the profile icon by scrolling 'up' from the vertical dock
    *when theme first loads, both docks will be on the screen. this is normal! just wait about 10 seconds for theme to fully load, then scroll up to begin!!
    **If you like this theme, give it a good rating!**

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    05-16-10 10:59 AM
  2. Mojave's Avatar
    Great looking theme. How about making it for my Curve 8330 with OS 4.5? Thank you.
    05-16-10 01:39 PM
  3. sunny293's Avatar
    I agree. Very nice looking theme. Thank you
    83xx/OS 4.5 Version PLEASE.
    05-17-10 02:29 AM
  4. aimeeattitude's Avatar
    I third this! Looks great, would be awesome for 8330 4.5
    05-17-10 09:14 AM
  5. eddy0090's Avatar
    I wud tot die for such a theme!!!! 8330m 4.5 os. If sum1 cud make it wrk that wud b gr8! Keepn my fingers crossd

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    05-17-10 01:39 PM
  6. seashell93's Avatar
    I know we couldn't have the scrolling docks or hidden today, but it would be great for us still on 4.5! Nice work!!
    05-17-10 02:55 PM
  7. skippyhdog's Avatar
    I will see what I can do

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    05-17-10 06:30 PM
  8. Matt351's Avatar
    So has anyone running 5.0 on their Curve tried this theme?
    05-17-10 10:52 PM
  9. littleinkblots's Avatar
    +1 for 8330 4.5!
    05-18-10 07:56 AM
  10. bencpht's Avatar
    Please check the link, I get an invalid address error.
    05-26-10 09:28 AM
  11. HiMaintz's Avatar
    I have a 8330 on 5.0 and am trying it. But since I can’t see the pictures attached to the original post, I am not sure exactly which one to download from that list. I downloaded "10 icons bottom scroll today plus t 1.0 (85XX). 10 icons bottom scroll today plus theme”.

    Don't think this is the right one - it doesn’t have hidden today - but works great nonetheless. Would like to find the one with hidden today. Since I have upgraded and can use 85xx themes, I can't live without hidden today!

    Skippyhog, can you let me know which one it is on the list?
    05-26-10 12:07 PM
  12. HiMaintz's Avatar
    p.s. if anyone is using 5.0 go to that list that Skuppyhog posted. There is a TON of free ota links for themes. And by a ton I mean 1,069 ota links. There are some for the 8330 on the list but the majority are 85xx and higher. Worth a look at any rate. The only caveat is that you cant see a picture of the theme, so you have to load the ota sight-unseen small price to pay in my opinion!
    05-26-10 12:14 PM
  13. skippyhdog's Avatar
    Sorry guys, I don't know what happened to link, I will upload new link in the morning

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    05-28-10 12:12 AM
  14. skippyhdog's Avatar
    The correct link has been posted. ENJOY
    05-28-10 02:44 PM
  15. ecogeeko's Avatar
    how to i install this on my 8300?
    05-28-10 03:19 PM
  16. bencpht's Avatar
    I downloaded on my 8330 w/ OS 5.0, but it doesn't show up as an available theme. It is listed as a theme in the 3rd party apps list, but I can't use it. Any ideas?
    05-29-10 05:06 AM
  17. skippyhdog's Avatar
    I guess it is not compatible with the 8330 with 5.0. There were some other ppl who had success with it on theirs

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    05-30-10 04:20 PM