1. rachelrosela's Avatar
    Hey y'all:

    Does anyone know how to make a today theme with the calendar and messages showing up? I got a request for it and don't know how to add that to the today screen.

    Any help would be amazing!

    09-01-09 11:43 AM
  2. russnash's Avatar
    In Themebuilder, on the page for designing the home screen, there is a window for a list of applications in the inspector on the right (this is where you would normally add your icons). Above the window, next to where it says 'Applications:', there are two icons tool tipped 'Today' and 'Zen'. The Zen is for adding icons and the Today is for adding today elements.

    Click the Today icon twice, then find the entries it added in the list below and drag them all the way to the top, then, select each one and in the properties area below click the little blackberry symbol button (next to the picture of the icon) and choose either 'Messages' or 'Calendar' from the list for each today entry.

    You can change the rest of the properties, such as the number of subentries (lines of messages / calender entries) to customize your today elements.

    Feel free to BB msg me (pin is above) if you need anymore help!

    Good luck and happy themeing!

    09-01-09 12:27 PM
  3. rachelrosela's Avatar
    Thank you!!! Do you also know how to do this for the Tour?
    09-01-09 12:52 PM
  4. russnash's Avatar
    You're more than welcome! I've never themed for the tour so I'm not sure, is it not the same? I do know that 4.6 and upwards OS has a 'Today Preview Area' instead, perhaps that's it?

    09-01-09 01:25 PM
  5. rachelrosela's Avatar
    it has a today area thing, but for some reason i cant figure out how to add messages to it. i posted in the tour section as well...maybe someone knows.
    09-01-09 01:27 PM