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    First...hey. Been reading a bunch here so thanks for the information. Secondly...wondering how customizable my themes are? I'm currently running the Dimension Today theme and want to have my tasks show up on the front page (Home Screen...not sure??) but can't seem to figure it out. Any one know how to do this?
    Thanks in advance!
    12-01-08 10:28 PM
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    Bump...still wondering about this.

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    12-02-08 07:57 AM
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    Today themes are pretty much set the way they are, there are some Today Plus themes around for free too, that you can customize the bottom dock, and perhaps have tasks in there, do a few searches

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    12-02-08 08:02 AM
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    It can't be done. The only thing that can be shown on the home screen is things like call log, messages, sms, and calendar. And these all depend on the theme. The Dimension Today theme will only show calendar and messages. Period. End of story. That is how that theme was made.

    Tasks can only be shown as a shortcut to the Tasks App. It is a limitation of the BB OS.
    12-02-08 08:05 AM