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    As a followup to my original Ring theme - here is a custom made Sphere based on the same principle.

    Each of the smaller balls will spin around the larger one.
    When the smaller ball is selected, the name of the application will appear as shown and fade out.

    I chose to stick with the Dimension Icon set for this theme, as they seemed to compliment the custom background fade perfectly.

    The home screen background can be changed to compliment any of your choosing, but looks better with a lighter color scheme. (IMO)

    For the font selection, everything is set to BBClarity, but various sizes throughout. Its a clean font that provides easy reading for everyone.

    Here are some Call Screens - nothing too special about these.....

    For some reason, the screenshots are not coming out all that clear on the banner. I have this theme on my 8310 and the date and AT&T are not as fuzzy as the screenshots show them to be above.

    As always - i am open to comments and critisizms of all kind. I can only make better themes but knowing what fellow abuser's want.

    ALX/COD files attached
    Attachment 6739

    Sorry to all those OS4.2 users out there - the ring didnt work below 4.5 for some reason. kept causing the simulator to lock up.

    donations welcome - PM me if interested
    12-01-08 04:22 PM
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    Can you make a ota

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    12-06-08 10:52 AM