1. JoniB's Avatar
    I have never downloaded a theme to my phone but I REALLY want a cool Christmas one. Anyone know where I can find some to check out? I have a red phone so going for one with like colors.
    11-28-08 08:16 PM
  2. goavs18's Avatar
    I made this one it is posted at Pimp My Berry! - Pimp Your BlackBerry!

    It is for OS's 4.2, 4.3, & 4.5

    11-28-08 08:26 PM
  3. susielo's Avatar
    That's a really nice design!
    11-28-08 08:30 PM
  4. JoniB's Avatar
    Thats EXACTLY what I am looking for! Its PERFECT! Now how do I upload it to my phone?
    11-28-08 08:41 PM
  5. goavs18's Avatar
    Here is the link for that theme, Christmas go to the link on your phone and click on the OTA for your OS. you will need to join pimpmyberry
    11-28-08 10:08 PM
  6. JoniB's Avatar
    I went and read the FAQ info and did what they said, but this is a .JAD file and it says I need a .ALX file. (I think thats what it is). I have 8320 4.5, re-updated my software, and finally broke down and asked my husband to figure out how to upload this to my phone and we cannot figure it out. I just keep getting the error that no apps were found for my device.

    Any suggestions?
    11-29-08 06:47 AM
  7. JoniB's Avatar
    Nevermind. I am obviously very new to this. LOL. Had a Pearl for a year and a half before getting the Curve in August. You'd think I'd be smarter about it than this. LOL

    But I figured it out. Thanks anyway!
    11-29-08 07:25 AM
  8. goavs18's Avatar
    the theme is an OTA which means you need to access the theme thread on your BB browser then click on the correct OTA link for your OS and it will go through the download and install process.
    11-29-08 09:19 AM
  9. hardee's Avatar
    Gary, your themes are great! Im a big Avs fan myself. A question (or request ) How difficult would it be to make a Chicago Cubs theme...?
    11-29-08 10:37 AM