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    Finished my first theme, atm i*m testing it out to make sure everything is working fine.But if anyone is interested i can upload it after the check.
    Thanks updater for helping me out with the application icons ;-)
    (I did sit down today and managed to created the rest on my own XD )
    Icons on the front screen are not customizable,haven*t figured out how to do that so far.
    (I can change them on request though).
    Also looking for comments what to do better or where to change something maybe.
    Here we go:

    The application name is actually shown below the icons,anyone got an idea why it shows it behind in the theme builder?


    new background:

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    02-10-09 03:25 AM
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    I have a problem,maybe anyone ever had the same thing.
    everything seems to work fine except if you have a missed call.
    This is what it brings up.

    It shows the part of the background where the field for missed called... should be.If you move the cursor,the buttons do show up.if you lock it again and unlock it you cant see the buttons until you move the cursor.
    I got no idea what is going on...
    (excuse the quality,was in a rush).
    02-24-09 01:00 AM