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    first, credit to whoever made these themes im about to talk about. second, is it possible? third, can someone help me make this Precision 9000 Zen theme that I downloaded off eveek.com into a 7 icon BOTTOM DOCK theme instead of a ZEN theme? also there are a couple of icons that needs to be adjusted so it goes with the theme: the SETUP WIFI, VIDEO CAMERA, MUSIC ID, and the VOICE RECORDER. i guess whoever made it didn't have a 8320 or OS 4.5 yet. Themeberry.com's Themeberry Bold is a really nice one that has all the icons that fits the theme already. Maybe one can borrow a few icons from that theme? if someone can help me do this it would be super duper greatly appreciated. most likely, it will be the last theme i download if this happens. Thanks in advance! hope someone can make this happen

    here are some icons i found that can be substituted:

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