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    ok so someone here was really nice and helped me out with the upgrade! lovin' it so far!

    I need assistance on ONE thing! I have a today style theme (it's 4.5 OS compatible) however the calendar content isn't showing up on the home screen. all my stuff is still in my calendar (appointments/work schedule etc) but it's just not showing up on the homescreen. this may or may not be significant, but all those appointments were inputted (i know that's probably not a word- it is now ) before I upgraded.

    my messages are showing up in the content area. so what's the deal with the calendar? i see something with emails (i have two on my blackberry) so i'm not sure if that has something to do with it or not.

    thanks to whoever can assist me!
    10-16-08 07:38 PM
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    geez nevermind. there's another post about this already and the instructions worked!

    so moderators, go ahead and delete this post!
    10-16-08 07:48 PM