1. cds36's Avatar
    I am using a Today Plus Theme. I have a bunch of bdays and appointments set and they were showing perfect on the today plus theme and then, POOF it doesn't list my calander items. Any clues?

    All of my calender items are still in my calander, I changed to another theme and the same problem exists.
    05-19-09 11:16 PM
  2. ndlquack's Avatar
    Try resending the service books, that worked for me.

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    05-19-09 11:54 PM
  3. xliderider's Avatar
    And/or a battery pull with your BB on to reset your BB.

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    05-20-09 12:09 AM
  4. cds36's Avatar
    got it working guys thanks a million
    05-20-09 12:12 AM
  5. Lbradford2's Avatar
    My apologies at bumping such an old thread, but I'm having this same issue and resending service books and a battery pull didn't fix my calendar.

    It worked just fine and then I changed my theme, and now its only displaying newly enter entries and Facebook entries. I even removed the FB calendar link and it still only showed FB entries. I'm at a loss.

    Anyone have any ideas?
    02-17-10 02:48 PM
  6. scribble's Avatar
    I am having the same issue. I did several pulls even a software upgrade, sent all service books that appeared applicable but still nothing.
    05-11-10 10:02 AM
  7. scribble's Avatar
    fixed by selecting the correct default calender
    05-11-10 10:19 AM
  8. prybar-kc's Avatar
    changed by going to: Calendar/Menu/Help/Calendar options/Change mail address that you use to send messages for meeting invitations
    06-15-10 07:59 PM