1. curve1967's Avatar
    -12 User Customizable Icons on the Home Scren
    -1 User Customizable Icon in Top Right of Home Screen to be used as profiles,weather, SmartBB or whatever
    -Signal Meter skinned as "Vampire Fang"
    -Focus Icons on the App Screen is "Dripping Blood"
    -New Item Icon is skinned as "Vampire Fangs"
    -Hourglass is a "Camarilla Ankh"

    10-26-09 08:50 PM
  2. megabore's Avatar
    This is pretty nifty, are you going to do other clans? Love to see a malkavian full screen weirdness theme.
    10-27-09 02:26 AM
  3. seanfleming's Avatar
    dude this is off the hook i love the theme! keep up the great work
    10-27-09 08:20 AM
  4. ekz13's Avatar
    Malk or tremere. Lol

    **** they would all be great. Thanks for the great work on this one!

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    10-27-09 04:31 PM
  5. curve1967's Avatar
    Find me Walls and an Icon to use as the message icon and I can customise this theme. Most icons & fonts will stay the same, I can customise the colour to each clan as well!!

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    10-27-09 04:37 PM
  6. curve1967's Avatar
    Malkavian and Tremere Clan themes have been posted!!!
    10-27-09 11:28 PM