07-30-12 10:24 PM
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  1. salim0's Avatar
    i was looking for something like this for 2 months and now i finally have it thank you!!!!!
    03-27-12 12:34 PM
  2. RadioActive199's Avatar
    I don't how people like this soo much, i find it to be that same to some themes, but from the history of your post you seem to be updating it quite alot, so I guess, you would take my feedback seriously. The address book is lovely, but the calling page has a white background and the call log page doesn't match the banner, see this is why mainly I left other themes. Some person ripped the original RIM cod file but unfortunately it doesn't seem to work on my bb. Hopefully you can update your theme to do this:

    1. add the original calling page background
    2. fix the call log mis-match issue

    Sorry for being too picky, but i read somewhere in this post that so want to make this theme perfect and I want this theme to be perfect. Fix these 2 things will ya?

    Cheers! You may find this rude, so sry.
    06-23-12 05:13 AM
  3. Mddlpps's Avatar
    This theme is awesome. Looks like the real os 5 and I LOVE that 3G icon <3 THANKS!!!!
    07-30-12 10:24 PM
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