1. ajdaniel's Avatar
    So I bought the crossbar theme from bplay but those jerks only let you dl OTA. Anyway of backing up the file with desktop manager? Thanks.
    09-26-08 10:06 PM
  2. Noticee's Avatar
    negative nit possible to backup a .jad file on ure desktop u woulld need the .cod and the .alx for the actual theme you might be able to contact them and work something out but i doubt they'll let you have it because if you have the zip then you could give it to a friend who will give it to a friend who will... well you know and they jsut dont want people having it for free
    09-26-08 10:41 PM
  3. psionfenix's Avatar
    I almost bought that theme on my pearl. I'm glad I didn't because I only had that particular phone a month, then upgraded to a curve. Had i had to pay for it AGAIN, i would have been livid.

    Then again, I don't buy software I can't test first.
    09-26-08 10:45 PM
  4. ajdaniel's Avatar
    yeah this experience has taught me to never purchase a theme for my blackberry. i'd advise sticking to free themes. The problem is you just never know how the theme actually is until u spend your hard earned money on it. and,l like most people, we like to frequently change themes which can get expensive. Its also a hassle to contact them every time u need to redownload it. oh well, lesson learned.
    09-26-08 11:09 PM