04-30-10 04:56 PM
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  1. aimeeattitude's Avatar
    Finally got to download this, and i love it! I even picked up a few wallpapers to spice it up. Great job!
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    03-22-10 10:51 AM
  2. priparikh's Avatar
    Link does not work for me?

    Shows as "Page not found"?
    03-26-10 03:09 PM
  3. shadow4510's Avatar
    awww the link is bad or down. i get an error. can you get this back up i really want it
    04-11-10 02:16 AM
  4. Filmsnob's Avatar
    Link is still down. Would really love to get this theme when it comes back up.

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    04-12-10 11:33 AM
  5. tommybwoy24's Avatar
    the link doesnt work ... and thw zip is for 4.5 os not 5.0
    04-12-10 12:06 PM
  6. khorsia's Avatar
    Okay, so I am getting some bizarre message in German telling me that I can't download it no doubt... Ideas?

    Diese Seite ist leider nicht verfgbar.

    Richte auch du Deine kostenlose Homepage beim kostenlosen Webspace bei Funpic.de ein.

    Kostenlos: 2500 MB Webspace, PHP, MySQL, FTP!
    04-12-10 03:41 PM
  7. ZphibLadyNC's Avatar
    So this theme is great looking, but I'm unable to download it via my computer or my Berry, so.......I'm done trying to get it I guess. Oh yeah, and the website where this theme is located seems to be in German.
    04-12-10 03:53 PM
  8. njborn1970's Avatar
    Is this theme no longer available?
    04-12-10 04:29 PM
  9. Kylecore's Avatar
    I keep getting a 404 message.
    Find a new ota host please

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    04-12-10 05:46 PM
  10. maunvs's Avatar
    ota doesnt work
    04-12-10 10:39 PM
  11. nategoss's Avatar
    Great skin, but I have a problem with the SMS (not BBM5) input. When I type in text, it's white on a white background. Is there a way to change that?
    04-13-10 11:00 AM
  12. nategoss's Avatar
    If you look in his original post, there is a .zip to download with the theme in it. Just install it with the Desktop Manager.
    04-13-10 11:02 AM
  13. soybean63's Avatar
    Awesome Theme....I finally downloaded via desk manager....only problem is like the majority has already stated....bbm and legibility....

    04-14-10 09:15 AM
  14. dadcal52's Avatar
    Great theme keep doing what you are doing

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    04-15-10 05:34 PM
  15. lordonlow's Avatar
    this is weird - i did the standard bb dm install, but the theme won't show up.

    so i uninstalled, reinstalled.

    same thing. doubt it's the plazmic "thing" as i have a new bold.

    04-16-10 11:41 AM
  16. KJV1611's Avatar
    Hey where can I get the wallpaper, it rocks!!!!

    Hi GDK,
    Thank you for your newest creation. I have it up and running since a couple of days and it's flawless. I like it so much that I created my own wallpaper for it... It looks timeless!!
    04-25-10 08:25 AM
  17. sunny293's Avatar
    Sorry, it took a while...
    here's the wallpaper and some more for this specific theme...
    04-25-10 10:09 PM
  18. sunny293's Avatar
    my pleasure...
    04-25-10 10:13 PM
  19. corruga15's Avatar
    Can't download help!!!!!!!

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    04-30-10 04:56 PM
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