1. HamSlap's Avatar
    I owned the storm for a breif moment and there were lots of themes that had weatherbug in the theme. You just had to put it in a certain spot and it would be on your main screen all the time. I have yet to see one for the Curve.

    Does anyone know where I might find one?

    I'm not going to give up looking, but there are a lot of threads in the part of the forum that are not labeled as to what you are looking at in the title.

    05-03-09 01:30 PM
  2. danhclare's Avatar
    Thr genesis theme does, its available in the store

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    05-03-09 03:48 PM
  3. ady73's Avatar
    I've been looking for the same exact thing!!! I bought the Genesis theme, because it had a spot for my weather icon. Although its very nice, I do not like the way it scrolls on the homescreen. I am once again searching for a new theme.

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    05-07-09 06:22 AM