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    ever since i dl os whenver i connect to wifi.. the word "uma" never comes up. and we just got a new linksys wireless range optimizer in the house that receives connection from the other property we have next to us.. before we had belkin everything worked fine.
    is it the os or the linksys ranger optimizer i have now
    thanks in advance
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    10-26-08 07:24 PM
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    any ideas for me to do?
    10-26-08 07:49 PM
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    10-26-08 07:52 PM
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    I read the complete how to guide and followed the instructions. It was very helpful and thank you pltaylor for posting it. Im do still have a problem however, I use to get "UMA" most of the time. Now I get it every so often. Is there any reason it would stop working? Anything I can do to make it recognize UMA?
    10-31-08 12:24 PM