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    Hi I recently changed the settings of my media card to encrypt pictures.
    When I tried to download the pictures to my laptop via USB the pictures all had the .rem file extension.

    2 Problems:

    1) simply changing the .rem to .jpg did not allow me to view the encrypted pics - how do I view my encrypted pics on my laptop when the file extension is .rem?

    2) I changed the media card settings to not encrypt, made sure it's saving to the media card, now when I take a pic, I can't find them on my BB, however when I try to download them via USB they are there - how do I see my pics on my BB after I take them?
    I have gone through all folders even the BB/picture folder and they are not there?!?!??!
    I am not able to actually select the /Media Card/BlackBerry/pictures directory at all.


    Any solutions?

    Appreciate your time - thanks!
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    10-18-07 05:00 PM
  2. wolfscmb's Avatar
    when you pull up your camera press the BB Menu key >> options >> and then down on the bttm it should say where the camera stores its pictures ... you can select "on device" or "on media card" as well as the actuall folder you will use ... i believe, but am not sure that you have to have the files saved in certain folders for the media manager on the BB to view the files ... should be something like " /media card/blackberry/pictures " if you use a media card .... and " device memory/home/user/pictures/ " if you store them on your device ...
    10-18-07 06:29 PM
  3. bb0038's Avatar
    Thanks for your response but it still does not solve the mystery of where the pictures are going.

    when I select camera->options
    I make sure it says:
    store pictures on media card
    and when I go down to folder

    It automatically puts it at Preloaded Pictures (however I can only see 3 pictures I took a long time ago (that's all).

    I am NOT able to scroll up to directory of /Media Card/BlacBerry/pictures/
    It just won't let me.

    Can anyone help?
    10-18-07 10:58 PM
  4. Garethooper's Avatar
    Make sure you are not connected via USB while doing this.
    When connected with the Cable and Mass Storage is enable it will not read the Media Card via the Handheld.
    10-19-07 09:10 AM
  5. bb0038's Avatar
    thanks but i'm talking about not being able to see my pics right after taking pics - there is no USB connection.

    I am not able to find them on the BB, however able to find them when I download to laptop.

    In the BB itself, under the BB/pictures folder it shows nothing (while not connected via USB), but when connected via laptop it shows all the pictures on the laptop

    10-26-07 04:53 PM
  6. Tylerd's Avatar
    Try saving them to "My Pictures"
    10-26-07 05:31 PM
  7. bb0038's Avatar
    How do you save them to My Pictures.

    When I am in camera mode, i go to options then go down the Folder:

    I get the following:
    /Media Card/BlackBerry/pictures/
    [] Preloaded Pictures
    (this is highlighted in blue) - I can't move up or down into any other folders
    10-26-07 06:40 PM
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    Thanks all for your feedback.

    I just created a new folder, selected it and saved.
    Now all new pictures taken are going in there.

    I'm not too concerned about the 'old' pictures on the media card

    This fixes it problem for now.
    10-26-07 06:43 PM