1. mrs.d's Avatar
    It was working fine up until
    a week ago. Now it won't connect. Any ideas on how to resolve this issue?

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    12-27-07 09:17 PM
  2. R33C3's Avatar
    Battery Pull Maby?
    12-27-07 10:10 PM
  3. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Or try a reinstall if battery pull does not work, also check under the security settings to allow for connections to be made, you may sometimes disable this by accident with out even knowing it...

    Go to...Settings>Advanced Settings>Applications...highlight yahoo!Go press menu key and "edit permissions" make sure they all allow for connections.
    12-28-07 05:11 AM
  4. mrs.d's Avatar
    I did the battery pull and I did the edit permissions...but still nothing....any other ideas?
    12-28-07 02:02 PM