1. mjdwyer23's Avatar
    New here, first post! I have a Verizon Wireless BB Curve 8330, and I was wondering if features like blackberry navigator (or any other GPS) and other basic PDA functions (no email or messaging) would work if my phone was not on Verizon's network. That is, if I got a new phone and deactivated the contract on this one, would anything still work? Thanks!
    12-07-09 08:56 AM
  2. Indycar's Avatar
    I'm new to Blackberry, but have had smartphones in the past. Without service the phone would be a PDA, you can use word, excel, power point, games or stuff that doesn't need data or any service to run. GPS you would not be able to use, because it uses cell towers and you need voice for that and data to look at the navigation.
    12-07-09 09:35 AM