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    I currently am a verison customer and I hate them. They constantly rape me with overages on my bill and the custumer (no)service sucks! I bought an 8320 on craigslist that was locked to T mobile and was able to unlock it yesterday. Today, I tested the phone with a ATT sim and it worked and I was given a new, unactivated ATT sim card (just incase the info is helpfull).
    So, I am currently looking for a new (unlimited, pay as you go) GSM service provider. Net10 has unlimited everything for $50 and looks interesting but I am curious if anyone else uses them with a BB and if it is fully fuctional? And, if anybody has any other suggestions. ATT has GoPhone but it does not include unlimited data.
    Sorry if this is a repost but I am new and spent the last few days looking and didn't see anything simaliar.
    11-30-10 07:11 PM
  2. Fubaz's Avatar
    Look into TMO Flex Pay
    11-30-10 07:13 PM
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    So I thought I had done enough checking but i guess not. I bought the cheapest net10 phone wal mart had and put the SIM in my BB first thing. I went to the net10 website and they make you choose from a list of phones (only the ones they sell) and enter your IMEI. They don't sell black berries so I clicked on the model I bought froom them and put the sim back in it to activate it. Worked great. I put the card in my BB and have a new APP now. "SIM APP" that requires a unlock code to make the SIM work in a phone other than the one it was activated in. Not only does net10 lock their phones but the Sim to the phone it is activated in, too. I called customer service thinking they would be happy to have a new customer who is happy to continue paying them if they give me the code to to use their SIM in my phone but I guess not...Oh well I will use it for a month and find another service in the meantime unless....
    Anybody here now how to unlock the SIM?
    12-01-10 06:41 PM
  4. pimpndave's Avatar
    Download BB ulocker, enter ur phones imei and it will generate 5 code numbers, u have 10 trys, but one will work
    12-04-12 03:31 AM