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  1. xcawhy's Avatar
    I want to protect my files in my media card, because I use two cards and one of them has important files, other for music. I switch them quite often, so if I loose or forget the important one in somewhere, I must be sure nobody (at least normal pc users)can open media card with pc or mobile phone.
    I found that if u switch media card to a card reader on pc and open the "drive" with winhex hex editor, and change first 10-20 bytes to zero,(I backed up the data before) media card files not seen on pc. When u click, it says media card have to be formatted. (I don't mind loosing data.)
    Then when I paste the backed up bytes to their original place in winhex and save, whola! The media card appears again in pc.
    So I began to search a "mobile hex editor" which can open whole media card(not only files) and hex edit it. I couldn't find one.
    If u know one or have any idea to protect media card not to be opened by any mobile device or pc, I need suggestions.

    PS: Blackberry encription sucks.
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    09-22-12 05:10 AM
  2. hootyhoo's Avatar
    Why don't you just use the on board media card encryption? I have never heard of an encrypted card being accessed without using the BB that possesses the encryption key.
    09-22-12 07:57 PM