1. silverfang77's Avatar
    I'm doing this with the phone in mass storage mode so I can avoid using that crappy Roxio program. I drag and drop the pictures to the Pictures folder of the media card. They go over fine with no error messages. However, when I unplug the phone and attempt to view the pictures, they do not show up.

    Is there some file size limit, resolution or naming limit (no spaces allowed?) that I'm overlooking? I'm trying cropping the pictures and renaming them right now to see if that caused the problem.
    03-28-09 05:44 PM
  2. theadultsplayground's Avatar
    Open up your photo file and repeat the above steps to copy pictures into the Pictures file in the Media folder on the phone.
    Once you’ve successfully completed all the drag and drops, trash the Media file off the desktop (drag it to the trash which will safely eject the BlackBerry from the computer without compromising any possible files).
    Unplug the USB cord from the computer and BlackBerry.
    Reopen the Media folder on the BlackBerry and click open the Pictures folder to see all the images that are now on the phone.
    Do the same with the Music and Ringtones folders to listen to all the MP3 songs that got transferred onto the phone.
    03-28-09 05:53 PM
  3. silverfang77's Avatar
    Oh wait a sec... They're at the bottom. Does the Blackberry display pictures in the order on which they are saved to the card or in alphabetical?
    03-28-09 05:55 PM