1. OSUnumber45's Avatar
    One of my favorite features of the Blackberry is the ability to read much of the past conversations you've had with somebody on just one screen. Instead of reading one text and then exiting out of that screen and then clicking on the next text. What I want to know is if there is a way to change how many former messages it will save so I can just continue scrolling down and essentially see the whole conversation that I've had with somebody literally over multiple days? It's not a big deal if I can't change it, but I'm just curious if you can. Thanks.
    01-27-09 04:28 AM
  2. CaraP's Avatar
    Yeah, you can definitely change it. Just go to options (the little wrench) > SMS text > then change it from 7 to whatever you'd like!
    01-27-09 04:31 AM
  3. OSUnumber45's Avatar
    Thank you very much. I probably should have looked around myself instead of wasting a thread on here. Thanks again.
    01-27-09 04:35 AM
  4. dre8830's Avatar
    Yea you can change the number up to. I made a post the other day about how I realized that when you put that number real high up to 50 you will start to experience slowdowns while typing text messages. Especially if you type fast. I noticed I would type a word before the letters start appearing on the screen and that is directly a result of me keepin 50 old messages in any given text chat with a person. As soon as I lowered the number to 5 I had no slowdowns, a couple people also attested to noticing a difference when puttin the old text number down. Try it for yourself...just an FYI.

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    01-27-09 04:42 AM