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    So my 8700 finally died on me (admittedly it went through a lot of abuse ) And now, with my current budget and price range, i have decided on buying a used 8320.

    As of right now I am locked into a contract with AT&T for another four months. After that I will be switching over to T-mobile, as my dad has T-mobile, and pays about $30 less/mo than I do, and gets just as good service around our home as I do with AT&T.

    So what i need is a phone that I can use on the the AT&T network for a little while and then switch over to T-mobile. Either way I know that I will have to unlock my phone.

    1) I am debating weather to buy a T-mobile 8320 or an AT&T 8320. I have read in other forums that it is very possible to switch an unlocked T-mobile 8320 to the AT&T network but that certain functions do not work, such as push e-mail and MMS. Does anyone have a full list of what functionality I will loose? Also, has anyone been able to get MMS working on a T-mobile 8320 switched over to the AT&T network?

    2) I havn't read about anyone who took an unlocked AT&T 8320 over to the T-mobile network. I assume that this is doable, because i have read about people who have switched T-mobile 8320's over to AT&t. Is there any reason that this assumption may be wrong? Also if i switch an unlocked AT&T 8320 over to T-mobile, is there anyway to download software that would allow it to work via the UMA networks, or is that functionality derived from hardware, and thus not available to AT&T 8320's?

    3) If I end up with a T-mobile 8320, I will have to unlock it. I know that if an existing customer calls T-mobile and asks for the unlock code, T-mobile will give it to them. My problem is that I have never been a T-Mobile customer. Will they still give me the unlock code even if i am not a customer (of course I won't tell them that I'm trying to get it to switch over to At&t)? If not, could I have my dad (a long, and well-standing T-mobile customer) to ask for the unlock code for me, even if it is not his phone?

    Any information you know, or other forums you could point me to to help enlighten me would be much appreciated.
    10-01-09 04:54 PM