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    I am not currently a blackberry user. I used to use an 8700G but switched to another phone when my company started using when to work Employee Scheduling Software - Automatically Schedule & Notify Employees Online, a scheduling software, which I could not fully access with the 8700G. The site uses javascript and pop ups to allow users to schedule tours. I can access it completely with my new phone.

    Of course I want to go back to blackberry. Which brings up my questions.

    1. Does anyone use a Curve with when to work and have full functionality?

    2. I understand that you can setup the browser to "mimic" a regular browser, thus sites won't recognize that you are using a blackberry device. Would this help me access the site?

    3. Can any blackberry make use with popup menus?

    Thanks in advance...
    12-28-07 03:28 PM