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    I am using a BB Curve 8320 with Lotus Notes 8.0.2 and BB Desktop software. I sync my LN Calendar with my BB on a regular basis.

    I recently had to reimage my hard drive and reinstall the desktop manager, but it had been working fine.

    Yesterday I went to sync and it stalled out at record 3250 ("Getting status information from Notes Calendar / Read 3250 records" The green sync line is pulsing but not moving. I have left it doing this for 2+ hours with no progress. I hit the cancel button and it will change to "cancelling..." but nothing else changes. I need to go to the Task manager to close out the desktop manager.

    This problem repeats itself, always stalling out at the same record 3250. Obviously, this means I haven't been able to sync up for almost 2 days and so my eyelids are starting to turn inside out.

    Any ideas?
    12-21-12 03:42 PM

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