1. fatluke's Avatar

    I am having a strange problem when trying to delete an email message from windows live hotmail (mobile) using blackberry browser. I think hotmail upgraded they're mobile version, and when I select a message and hit delete, I receive the following error : "Unsupported media type:"application/octet-stream".

    Is anyone else experiencing this?
    05-25-09 02:54 PM
  2. lastraid's Avatar
    What is the format of the media you are trying to play?
    05-25-09 03:21 PM
  3. fatluke's Avatar
    I am not trying to play anything.
    I am trying to delete emails from windows live (hotmail) mobile using blackberry browser.
    I "check" a checkbox beside an email, and I click the "delete button" to delete the selected email.
    05-25-09 03:25 PM
  4. lastraid's Avatar

    Do you have data plan? if so set you live mail up though the BIS and have them pushed to your device. You will like format better
    05-25-09 03:35 PM
  5. fatluke's Avatar
    Hi, thanks for the reply. Yes I have a data plan and yes I know how to setup bis to have them pushed. I do not want this account pushed. It used to work before hotmail's latest upgrade. I am just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and what you may have done to resolve the problem. To reproduce just open BB browser, nav to hotmail.com, login, and try to delete a message from your inbox.

    Thanks again.
    05-25-09 03:46 PM
  6. lastraid's Avatar
    Cool mightbe caused by the upgrade. Since this is an MSN account one more thing I can suggest.

    In the browser - hit menu>options>browser config. change the emulator to microsoft IE and see if this helps.

    You also can try opera mini or bolt browsers to see if this helps as well.
    05-25-09 03:53 PM