1. timbales1's Avatar
    I'm running OS 4.50.52 on 8320. About 3 times a day I'm getting message to insert sim card or sometimes the red "sos" in top right corner of handset. Sometimes solved by soft reset, sometimes by hard reset. Tried using new sim yesterday but same thing. Tried removing sim and relocking door several times. What could be wrong. Could it issue with 8320 or what. Help!!!!
    08-06-08 08:23 AM
  2. Blacklatino's Avatar
    Just take your SIM card out and reinstall to make sure it has not become dislodged first.This was the issue with mine. If not, there is another thread going over this same issue. Good Luck

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    08-06-08 08:35 AM
  3. martinrrrr's Avatar
    After a few months of getting my 8310 I started to get a SIM card error, or the dreaded red SOS. I would remove the SIM card and clean the copper contacts on the card and the BB. That would seem to work for a while. The frequency that the errors would appear became constant. I was traveling and when it was constant error, I tore a small piece of paper from a magazine, folded it a few times, open the little silver SIM gate and placed it between the TOP of the SIM card and the gate, and then closed the gate and I have NEVER seen a SIM card error in four months. So, I assume the even through the SIM card seemed to be making good contact when I got it from the store it was not very snug and the folded paper finally forced the contacts together.
    08-06-08 08:48 AM