1. roxyblack's Avatar
    So I'm new to the BB family... yet I think I already messed up my phone... unless some of you pro's can help....When I highlight the message icon it says I have -1 message... then when I try to view folder (sent messages) I get this error message: uncaught exception DSSMA invalid state(5):2

    one other thing... I tried to set ringtones for people but when they call I still hear the default... what is up with that?

    Any help?
    12-28-07 10:38 AM
  2. R33C3's Avatar
    Welcome To Crackberry. IDK Whats Up With The Message Thing But Check In "Profiles" To Change All Your Ringtones Nd Stuff Like That.

    Go To "Profiles"
    Pick One
    12-28-07 10:59 AM
  3. roxyblack's Avatar
    Thanks... I guess I should call tmo about the error message I'm getting when I try to see my sent messages :/ I dont even know how that happened...it was working fine
    12-28-07 11:18 AM
  4. roxyblack's Avatar
    ok. so I figured out what was wrong with my messages... I pulled the battery and noticed that the lock over my SIM card wasnt closed and the SIM card was loose... Once I adjusted it I no longer got the error message! yay for me...
    12-28-07 11:29 AM
  5. R33C3's Avatar
    12-28-07 11:30 AM