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    I carry my Curve in my pocket and prefer the screen lock (Alt, Enter) vs Standby Mode (mute button) to keep my device from dialing while inside my pocket. However, everytime I unlock my phone (*, green phone key), it automatically opens whatever program I was previously running. 1) why does it do this, and 2) is there away to make this NOT happen? Its just a bit annoying to have to close a program EVERYTIME I unlock my phone. Any suggestions?
    12-04-08 01:40 PM
  2. ghostshell's Avatar
    You can set the left convieniance key or the right one under Options>Screen/Keyboard to use Keyboard lock and lock your phone that way instead of ALT+Enter, just a option to minimize pressing keys. When unlocked it is designed to open what ever you were last looking at whether it be SMS, e-mail, GMaps. Before you lock your phone just choose the Menu key and hit "C" a couple times to choose the Close option and actually close out of the application. While at the home screen select ALT+ESC(back arrow) and it will bring up what programs are running. Some cannot be close such as BB MSR, Phone, SMS. So just either do ALT+ESC and choose the Home screen before you lock it or close the application thats open completely.

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    12-04-08 02:03 PM