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    Why do you have to specify a browser when saving a bookmark?? My problem is this, default browser is internet browser. when I got my blackberry I connected via wifi browser at home put all my bookmarks in. When I am out of a wifi zone I use internet browser to connect via EDGE BUT when I want to click on one of my bookmarks I cant because they were saved in the wifi browser and I get the "this is a wifi service" message. Obviously I cant change to the wifi browser as I am out of a wifi zone.

    Do you really need 2 sets of bookmarks 1 for EDGE and one for wifi?? I find that hard to beleive.

    Vice versa its kinda OK if I have the wifi browser on and try and connect to a bookmark I saved in EDGE browser it just switches to EDGE browser so thats kinda OK.

    If I set my default browser to wifi and go to a EDGE bookmark as I say its ok and switches to the EDGE browser, but does not switch back when I am in a wifi zone.

    All works fine but with a lot of manual switching back and forth and as I say 2 sets of bookmarks?? what I want is wifi browser on all the time switch to EDGE automatically when ouit of a wifi area and be able to use my wifi bookmarks on EDGE am I asking a bit to much?

    Thanks all in advance
    06-26-08 03:43 AM