1. lo life's Avatar
    When I'm at work, I can't get a signal inside the building. If my phone looses a signal for some period of time, I don't know how long, my phone functions will turn off.

    I can't use the phone, receive or send any messages.

    The only way that I can return to using my phone is to try to make a call & a window will pop up & say "radio functions have been turned off, would you like to restore functions?". After clicking yes, my phone will connect again & start working normally.

    Is there a shorter way to restore my phone functions after loosing its signal than trying to make a call?

    Thanks in advance

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    12-04-08 06:00 PM
  2. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    Go to the Manage Connections icon and enable it from there.
    12-04-08 06:01 PM