1. bjustice's Avatar
    I have 30 days and was thinkin' of trading her in on a tour b/c it has bigger buttons. That is my only complaint. But I think I'll keep her. I have her just where I want her. I don't think the trade would be justified. Plus, I've already ordered some things for her.

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    01-03-10 11:50 PM
  2. Kepeli's Avatar
    The 8330 is a workhorse. Mine has helped me build and maintain a business for almost 2 years. Just a suggestion, if you want a little more oomph!, you might want to go for the 85xx series because of the trackpad, WiFi, 5.0 OS and more memory. If you are planning to travel internationally abroad, then I would get the Tour. Otherwise, the 8330 is just enough to keep you organized and have everything you need close. Enjoy and welcome to the Family that is Crackberry!
    01-04-10 02:05 AM