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    Hey guys, I've seen tons of video's and posts/threads regarding removing the faceplate and side rails for the curve...most of us addicts can do that with our eyes closed. I can't find ANYTHING on midplate though, and that is because us verizon users keep the OEM midplate and just replace the siderails and faceplate, and batt cover (no need replace the midplate right?).

    Well i dropped my BB and where it dropped, was a perfect storm of concret, symmetry, angles, and descent. The curve fell downwards, on the mute button and damaged that entire rail from left to right. At first i thought it was a removable rail like the side rails, but I realized that top part is a part of the midplate. Now I've inspected the midplate and it seems like I can take out the parts from one and put them on the other but i'm very worried about the antenna, I feel peeling off the antenna and putting on the other midplate that i have will probably result in failure...so i've been searching this site, ebay and other parts sellers for a midplate with stuff already built in, like antenna, speaker, flash for camera..battery connectors, etc. I found one on ebay, but i wanted to see if this one from GSMworld is the right one.

    FonLogix - BlackBerry Curve Mid-Plate $9

    Do you think this piece comes with all of the parts in the picture? or does it maybe just come bare with just the plastic black midplate and nothing else? I need it to come with the antenna, flash, speaker assembly, and battery connector, but antenna is most important

    has anyone purchased from this site? and can tell me if all that stuff is included? or is this just a default picture and only the midplate will be shipped with nothing else in it?
    Also, does anyone know where i can get a midplate with all the parts in it, or maybe just the antenna?

    Hopefully some of you addicts have done and replaced this part in the past and can shed some light.


    here is the link again.

    FonLogix - BlackBerry Curve Mid-Plate $9
    05-23-09 05:55 PM
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    You get what you see in that picture, I use that website for purchasing all types of different hardware/shells/plates etc to do repairs.
    05-23-09 05:58 PM
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    ok thats great...so now i know if i botch the antenna during a housing change, i can simply purchase that exact midplate and get a brand new antenna and midplate from there. Thanks.
    05-23-09 06:14 PM