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    I have an issue with my BB 8320 mobile phone.
    I live in India.
    My friend has a mobile phone number which starts with 81XXXXXXXX and this is a local number for me.
    (Both me and my friend have got the connection in the same city with different carriers)
    My friends number is stored in my phone book as given below. There is no country code prefixed.

    I tried to call him and the response was "Number does not exist"
    With a little analysis I figured that the country code of Japan is 81.
    I then prefixed my friends number with +91 (India code), then things started to work fine.
    I was able to call him, message him.

    Could anyone explain what went wrong in the early scenario where the phone number was just 81XXXXXXXX.
    Was my BB 8320 considering 81 as +81(Japan code)
    (I did not have any problem in my other phones - Sony Erricson, Nokia)

    Will you also suggest a better way of storing numbers in the phone book

    Thanks and regards,
    Vinay A
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    Did you check Menu/Options/Phone options/Smart dialing to see if the default country codes, area codes etc. Are set to the right ones for your area? If they are not you will have issues. Remember to save your settings.

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    04-29-10 10:43 AM
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    Hello albee,

    Thanks for your response.
    The country code was not set to my country's code.
    I changes it as you suggested, now its working fine.

    Will you please explain as to what happened in this scenario.
    Or can you get me some links that give a better understanding on Smart Dialing in depth.

    Thanks and regards,
    Vinay A
    04-29-10 11:40 AM
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    Hi Vinay, its possible your phone was set up originally for shipment to another country. I know when I bought my phone I did not have to change any of the default settings, but everything here in the US pretty much runs the same way. I did however have to store my phone contacts with the area codes. As far as smart dialing goes can you google it? What issues with contacts are you having?

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