1. cbuchanan87's Avatar
    I want to connect my Curve to my car stereo and a bleutooth headset at the same time. Is it possible to set it up so it will connect to both and send the audio to the stereo and incoming and outgoing calls to the headset?

    I have looked in bluetooth settings, but it looks like the settings are general and applied to all bluetooth devices. Is ip possible to assign certain properties to each bluetooth connection? And if so, can I connect to more than one device at once?

    07-26-09 11:48 PM
  2. grydlok's Avatar
    You can do both, the question is rather your car stereo supports what you are trying to do.
    I have my jawbone II and S9HD paired to my Curve at the same time. My phone assigned hands free to the jawbone, and AV/Audio to the S9HD.
    07-26-09 11:54 PM
  3. cbuchanan87's Avatar

    how did you set up your phone to do this? can you give me a walkthrough (through the settings?) to set up my phone to do it?

    07-27-09 12:37 AM
  4. grydlok's Avatar
    Just pair each device to your phone.
    If the device supports a2dp the phone will select the proper one.
    My jawbone doesn't do A2DP so the phones won't send stereo audio through it.
    07-27-09 12:21 PM
  5. archerman's Avatar
    I have a BB Curve 3G, Plantronics Pro + BT headset and a Jabra Cruiser BT speaker.

    Both the Jabra and the Plantronics will play music when connected, however I prefer to listen to music on the Jabra (cause it has a built in FM modulator) and I can hear everything on my car speakers but it doesn't even come close to the quality of noise cancellation of the Plantronics but I don't want to listen to music over the the Plantronics while in the car. I've gotten both to pair at the same time so is there anyway that I can get the Music to only play on the Jabra and conversations only go through the plantronics since both have A2DP?
    01-08-11 06:04 PM
  6. rottonj's Avatar
    Not really what your asking but my motorols t505 has the fm modulator so I can stream my music thru my stereo and when a call come in it plays thru the stereo also. I have lots of bluetooth devices and can't seem to ever get 2 to pair at the same time

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    01-17-11 06:42 PM
  7. bishwo370's Avatar
    well I have just tested my 2 bluetooh head set one is st-99 chinese brand and another is also chinese brand xtm-1200
    I have used several bluetooth softwares, including windows own bluetooth software itself. at first I started believing that two bluetooh device cannot be used specially headphone which need continious connection.
    that's why I bought one small bluetooh dongle thinking that my one in laptop is not enough to connect 2 headset. but later I found it was a software which is stopping me from doing this.
    I used the software named bluesoleil version 6 and cracked it by getting some crack site. I completele disconnect both the dongle one in laptop inbuilt and another is usb dongle. then I installed bluesoleil 6 and cracked it then I restarted pc and used bluesoleil and connected my usb dongle i didn't started my inbuild bluetooth dongle. now only by using usb dongle both can be connected through bluesoleil I am surprised it connected and worked both of them simultaneously.
    04-09-13 03:02 PM