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    Recently I have noticed that several of our Blackberrys have been mysteriously wiping themselves. Today, when visiting a routine website in the browser I received the message:

    "The page you requested could not be loaded; it is too large for the device".

    My Blackberry then proceeded to wipe my e-mail message history over the next hour.

    Can anyone please comment on how I am to manage the size of websites and why my visiting a website and experiencing this error would result in the wiping of my Berry?


    At the end of this wiping session I noticed an App Error 523 Reset. Pushing the trackball illuminates the 'red' service light and then an hour glass against a white screen occurs.
    08-26-08 05:02 PM
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    08-26-08 05:10 PM
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    " The page you requested could not be loaded it is too large for the device"

    I have noticed the same issue on my BB storm 2. I was able to resolve the problem by going to the BB Browser/select options/then select Cache Operations? and clear your content cache/pushed content/cookie cache. No reboot is needed.

    Hope that helps "Steelers Nation has spoken"
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    08-30-10 09:49 PM
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    This just happened to me and I can't believe that it was the site support page on crackberry.

    Oh that makes me laugh.
    08-07-11 02:46 PM