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    I have been switching from my old Sony Ericsson K750i to this phone for almost 3 weeks now...so please be patient with me

    1. I noticed that I cannot type number when I am on the phone. Sometimes I write numbers when I am on the phone with the other party. How to type while on the phone?
    2. I am now using firmware package. I am sure that before I upgraded the firmware, the AREA INFO (after the carrier ID name, it usually shows the cell info area) is not appearing anymore. It used to be TELKOMSEL - PLUIT where TELKOMSEL is the carrier and PLUIT is the area name. Why is this? am I doing something wrong?
    3. Vibrate. I also notice that BB can only VIBRATE then RING....not doing both at the same time. Is it always like that? Can I make it vibrate AND ring at the same time? this applies to both incoming calls and messages
    4. Software to backup BB (not the desktop manager). The desktop manager only backup BB in one file which I cannot extract if I dont restore it back. "ABC Amber BlackBerry Converter" is actually perfect for me. However, it cannot connect to BB directly..it needs to extract from the 1 backup file created by the desktop manager. Is there any independent software (where it doesnt need Outlook to organize and sync) where we can backup phone books, messages, etc? Just like " MY PHONE EXPLORER" for Sony Ericsson phones.

    Thank You
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    I just got a Curve today and happened upon this site looking for some answers as well. I saw your post and ironically, I found an answer to one of your questions right after reading this. Anyway, it seems that the vibration and then ring is the way Curve works, however, I found a program that you can get to make them happen at the same time. It is on this site, and unfortunately you have to pay for it. Anyway, it won't let me post url's on here since I am new, but just do a search for vibandring in the software section and you should find it.

    Good luck with the other answers.
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    @above: thank you for replying. Do you mind sharing the link/program for me at mipra @ earthlink.net?

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    You can take notes while in a call and it is then attached to the call in the call log. You press the Menu button while on-call and select the notes option. You can also perform any other function while you are on-call... just press the back button to back out of the phone (not the End button). It will ask if you want to continue... and then you can use any other app while on the phone with someone (speaker phone or a headset may be helpful in this case)

    As for vibrating and ringing, that is the normal behavior. There is an app called VibAndRing that allows you to do what you want.

    DesktopManager can back up everything you need

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    Welcome to CB

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