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    I got my new Blackberry 8310 yesterday and have been looking for Modifications for it. i used to have a razor V3xx and i modded it a lot... i helped a friend to make a new os for his razor to accept dual touchscreen. we ended up selling if for about 400$ to a private party who was looking into implementing it to mass market. but that is beside the point i am here now with my new phone and have read a lot of posts on here and i like the forum LOTS of nice people.

    I am a programmer and i am still needing to get a Darn usb cable for this blackberry. but i will be posting some os mods when i get them up and running. most of the people here like themes. i have the Pillar theme on my phone now and i like it but it has some flaws.
    10-30-08 01:55 AM
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    The BlackBerry doesn't expose its OS to modifying in the same way as a PC. Take a look at the CrackBerry Memory Optimization Procedure that's linked in my sig. Reed shows you how to load your device OS on your PC, then select which modules get loaded on your device. It's an excellent OS tutorial, and a good starting point.

    Welcome to the forums!
    10-30-08 10:14 PM
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    Lol good maybe u can work on sprint service books and open up mms !!!!

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    10-31-08 12:41 AM