1. Tantra's Avatar
    I have noticed that my new BB Curve battery when fully charged is only showing 95% and also it shows low battery at 15%, then I would have to charge it again to use it.I have charged it over night since new and this will be my 3rd charge, would I need to let the battery die out 100% then charge and discharge a few times before I get the full benefit as my my old BB 8700g always showed 100% after being fully charged and I could use it until the battery died out on me Thank you.
    12-28-07 12:05 PM
  2. sunnnshine99's Avatar
    You shouldn't have to charge and let it fully drain (and then charge again) with these batteries. They don't hold a memory like the older nickel metal hydride ones.
    You could try a battery pull....
    Run into a store and try another battery... replace it if the new battery shows 100%...
    If it doesn't show 100% even with another battery, try a hard reset (wiping everything off the berry... )

    Hopefully this helps.
    12-28-07 02:36 PM
  3. Brons2's Avatar
    Even the lithium ion batteries will last longer if you fully cycle them every time. We have problems here at work not so much with BlackBerries but with laptops that stay on the charger 24/7 and after a year their charge capacity is diminished to 75-80% of the capacity when new.

    The good news is, you can actually reverse this process on Lithium Ion batteries by going through a full discharge and recharge a few times.

    I generally grab one of the oldest laptops for my personal use right before the purhchasing folks surplus them to schools and whatnot. Then the next year I bring it back and get another old one.

    When I get it home it usually only has 50-60% of the original charge capacity after 3 years of being plugged in all the time. I run it through full power cycles every day for a couple of weeks and that helps a lot. My most recent one I got it back from 29 WHR to 48 WHR. Capacity new was 59 WHR.
    12-28-07 02:58 PM