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    Ok, so when I am in UMA mode, I get a lot of static and dropped calls. I have called tmobile regarding this issue and they just aren't any help. My phone is perfect on EDGE but will drop calls on UMA Mode like crazy and only when it is in UMA mode. I'm curious if it's my router? I have Cox High Speed Internet and also use Vonage as my home phone service. My router is a linksys WRTP54G, which was the one recommended by vonage. I guess what I need to know, do I need a different router or is the dropped calls a tmobile issue? I'm not the most tech smart person and I don't know what to do. Can anyone help me? I went through the search mode and changed my router settings as recommended by one gentleman on here but still no luck.
    Thank you
    08-10-08 09:54 PM
  2. trev42088's Avatar
    do you have trouble surfing the web on wifi? or does that drop also?

    what OS are u running?
    08-10-08 10:59 PM
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    I was having the same problem. I wasn't able to make calls at all when I was in reach of my modem at home. I would always get call failed. Try have t-mobile blackberry suppoprt re-register your device and do a hard reboot after getting off of the phone with them.
    I was having problems and now I am able to make calls under UMA.
    Good luck.

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    08-10-08 11:23 PM
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    Well, I assume this doesn't happen with vonage or normal internet. So while it might not be a problem with your internet or router, I suggest you cruise around and find another wifi network to test it on. This would tell you if its your phone or not.

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    08-10-08 11:46 PM
  5. mindavis's Avatar
    No, I don't have an issue when using the internet on my phone via uma mode, just with calls. What do you mean by cruise around and try another wifi? I'm sorry, like go to someone else's house and try to use their wireless?
    08-11-08 02:58 PM