01-10-13 11:34 AM
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  1. phayro999's Avatar
    Yes keep it alive-- I needed it! the new curve locks this way I would have never figured it out! Thanks
    10-09-10 11:33 PM
  2. dumbphoneupgrader's Avatar
    Cool. Thank you for this thread. You saved a marriage. I am redeemed. The provided sprint manual for the 8530 is outdated. My wife now can lock her phone and unlock it with the super secret, well hidden, barely visible, mute button. Thank you, thank you.
    11-06-10 08:39 AM
  3. giverny's Avatar
    Eventhough the thread is ancient, google finds it. And thus other people with the same question will find their answer here.

    I actually found this while looking for a shortcut key to mute my audio call, I forgot the top right button was called mute key. Lol So this thread also helped me ^^

    Same here. Knew the button would release stand-by mode but had no idea it was a mute button all this time.
    11-13-10 12:20 PM
  4. tlc505's Avatar
    Oh yea, add me to the doofus list. But hey, I've only had it a month! Thanks Gammaray!
    12-11-10 12:57 PM
  5. jamzusa's Avatar
    Maybe I missed something through all these posts but on my new 8530 the mute button is on the TOP of the cell phone, above the words Blackberry and the speaker on the edged of the phone, the top. I never knew this nor did I see it any posts about this and what's even worse is i found nothing in the instructions SENT with the phone! Terrible! I guess it's a test of intelligence... If you can figure out where the mute button is you can use the phone
    01-09-11 04:51 PM
  6. 1danbell's Avatar
    I have had my BB for a year and just had the keyboard locked saying to use the mute key. I never knew it was there but instead I took the battery out and let it restart. That solved the problem to.
    01-20-11 06:13 PM
  7. s1ndydoll's Avatar
    Don't laugh at people answering questions from long ago. Just this minute I came looking for the "mute key" and now my phone is operational again. You never know when a brand new numbskull will come along! LOL

    Hehehh, me too! Accidentally locked the darn thing then couldn't use it till I could get on a computer & browse for solution!! So here I am - 3 years later - cheers all!
    08-26-11 07:05 AM
  8. Hussink's Avatar
    Thanks for keeping thread alive. now I don't need to call my Mum to ask her how to use her old phone, I'd never hear the end of it.
    01-10-13 11:34 AM
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