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    I have two email addresses on my Curve -- one work address through the Blackberry server software/exchange and a gmail. The gmail is working great and so is the work email address. The gmail has its own message inbox on my Curve but the work address only comes to the catch-all message box, meaning that I can't look at work emails separately -- only in the box that has everything.

    I have separated my SMS and MMS messages out but need to figure out how to create a new message inbox for my work email address. It was set up by my company's IT dept so I can't remove the address and start again.

    Thanks for the advice!
    11-11-07 10:47 PM
  2. catbird's Avatar
    You described it perfectly.

    Did you ever find a solution. Someone told me that there is a utility out there that can do this. I could not find it.

    06-24-08 11:14 AM
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    I'd love to know the answer to this as well....
    06-24-08 11:25 AM
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    You have to pay $20 for an aftermarket software package - Blackberry doesn't let you separate personal and biz emails.

    Empower your BlackBerry with HTML Email Viewer and BES MailBox

    Edit: I just bought and installed the basic version - so far it doesn't work on my 8300. Just shows me the From and Subject lines, but not the rest of the email. I've asked them for help....
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    06-24-08 11:29 AM
  5. cstreet's Avatar
    and i recommend it, i did the trial version and then had to pay for it cuz i couldnt go back to not having it! it works great
    06-24-08 11:38 AM
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    I downloaded a free trial of a utility from a place called "getempower" that appears to do the trick. Here it is [uh..this place won't let me post url's until I have posted 10 times, so you'll just have to google "getempower" and then look for the BES solution. The UI is a little low budget but it works, which is most important. I'll probably buy it for $20 if it continues to work. Now I finally have what I imagine most/many people want: one box for work emails, one box for personal emails, and one box for text messages.

    New question: my personal email is through Yahoo. Does anyone know a way to get a little visual prompt on/atop my Yahoo icon when I have a new email there? Right now I have to go into the icon to see if I have new personal email.

    06-24-08 03:41 PM
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    doesnt the curve have an icon on the home screen for every email address you have? because i have about 6 on mine and they each have their own icons.
    06-24-08 03:42 PM
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    The thing you need from Empoer is not the HTML email viewer, good though it is, what you need for this trick is Empower BES MailBox - Personal Productivity BlackBerry Software - Crackberry Store. It costs $19 but it looks like it will solve this problem although I have never used it.
    06-24-08 05:10 PM
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    I have used the Empower BES Mailbox software and it works perfectly on my 8310. Easy install and basically no setup, it just added a BES Mailbox icon on my home screen and automatically sorted all the messages. I have one messages icon for Gmail, AOL mail, the catch all messages folder, and the new one for the BES messages. If you use the trial, you will definitly want to buy it! !
    07-31-08 11:59 AM
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    Blackberry does have the section where you can set up your email accounts, BUT on the newer phones they have changed how you designate to separate them. I have my accounts set up but I can't figure out how to separte the accounts anymore. I used to be click on Messaging, Options, General and SMT and Email. There you were able to click on how to separate your messages. NOW they have either moved where this option is or eliminated it all together. If anyone knows how to do this PLEASE HELP!!! I am having this same problem. I had to get a replacement phone from Sprint and I can't find anyone that can help me with this right now.

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    01-01-11 11:06 AM