1. daytonaharley2002's Avatar
    Hello! Could someone please tell me step by step how to go about downloading songs/albums onto my BB Curve 8330?

    What is the best website to get the songs from? Is Amazon good? If so, should I use the mp3 downloader that they have there? What is the BB Desktop Manager for?

    Once I download songs to my computer, how exactly....do I get them onto my BB?

    Thank you so much for your help and I am sorry if these are silly questions!
    05-12-10 11:51 AM
  2. daytonaharley2002's Avatar
    No one has any idea how to do this??
    05-12-10 08:11 PM
  3. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    I've been using amazon.com long before I had a BlackBerry. I download the songs onto my PC. Then I connect the BlackBerry using the USB cable, enable Mass Storage Mode on the BlackBerry, and drag and drop the songs from the files on my PC to the microSD card on the BlackBerry using Windows Explorer.
    05-12-10 08:15 PM
  4. daytonaharley2002's Avatar
    Thank you so much for your help! It sounds pretty easy to do!
    05-12-10 08:19 PM
  5. JCheartBB's Avatar
    or... go to beemp3.com or abmp3.com on your BB browser and download songs from there directly to your BB..
    05-13-10 07:32 PM
  6. DarthHomer8330's Avatar
    The legal route would be iTunes, Amazon, & the Sprint or Verizon music store. I prefer to download to my PC & drag & drop onto my memory card. The good thing about Mp3 Stores is you gauranteed to get a good copy & you can use they're software to even out the volume levels on you're Mp3s so you don't have to keep adjusting the vol up/down on your BB. Good Luck

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    05-18-10 10:46 PM
  7. pinky721's Avatar
    on your blackberry web browser type in www . tubidy . com/ ( forget the spaces )
    then add it as a bookmark then is really easy to get on and all my friends use it !!

    And blackberry managers good for backing up your phone if you lose it ect plus easy media syncing like music,pics,vids ! and it helps you update your phone to the nearest IOS for bb !! (:
    hoped this helped, and
    01-06-13 01:21 PM