1. lmlinfante's Avatar
    I am a new curve owner, and
    I am looking to find a site to download new ringtones, can anyone help.
    09-06-08 06:30 PM
  2. tankgurl81's Avatar
    Myxer - Download Ringtones and More

    thats what i use. very easy. free. just sign up and enter ur # and either search the ringtones there or make your own from mp3's on ur PC. they send it via text message, and gives u a link in the message to dl from. works for verizon too
    09-06-08 06:37 PM
  3. Danymar's Avatar
    I agree, that's the best website to get free ring tones, wallpapers and everything that you want for your curve.
    09-06-08 06:40 PM
  4. fatboy97's Avatar
    What wrong with this site??? Look at the top of the page and you will find links to both Ringtones and Wallpapers.
    09-06-08 06:41 PM
  5. lmlinfante's Avatar
    thanks that was very helpful
    09-06-08 06:42 PM
  6. fatboy97's Avatar
    Oh, and Welcome to CB.
    09-06-08 06:42 PM
  7. Chief7's Avatar
    You can also use phonezoo (Free Ringtones from Phonezoo: Make and Download Free Ringtones, Free Mobile Wallpaper and Free Mobile Games) and try downloading it to your computer. That worked good for me and then use DM to send it to your phone. Another alternative never hurts!
    09-06-08 07:00 PM