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  1. supermancs's Avatar
    Today I went to look at my curve cause a text message came in. When I pulled it out my screen was black. Tried turning it off and on again but nothing on the screen. I recently dropped it a couple of times but it was working fine til today. Is there something I can do to reset the phone? If not I did to find someone truthworthy that can fix my phone.

    05-12-08 11:35 PM
  2. pashan's Avatar
    Pull the battery out, wait 10 seconds then replace battery.

    Is it possible your battery needs charged?

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    05-12-08 11:50 PM
  3. kair_g's Avatar
    pity! it seemed you got a bb with hardware issue!

    i have a bb8800, the same problem. sometimes it dies in the hoster, and sometimes it dies suddenly when it is pulled out of the hoster. many people have this problem with their BB. look at this thread,

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    05-13-08 04:05 AM