1. NYG's Avatar
    Whenever I call someone or someone calls me, I can't hear the other person through the phone unless I turn the speakerphone on.

    Also, when I go the Manage Connections, both Mobile Network and Bluetooth have yellow circles next to them. I tried a battery pull but it didn't fix the problem.

    (btw, i have the At&t Blackberry Curve 8310)

    Please Help!!
    02-19-09 06:34 PM
  2. snowgimp's Avatar
    Tried a battery pull on the first issue? I know my curve had that until I updated to 4.5
    02-19-09 06:35 PM
  3. NYG's Avatar
    The battery pull didn't work.

    I might just take the phone to the AT&T store tonight.
    02-19-09 06:47 PM
  4. jae.berry's Avatar
    is it connected to your bluetooth? is that why you cant hear them unless you turn on your speakerphone (which undoes the bluetooth)?
    02-19-09 06:50 PM
  5. snowgimp's Avatar
    Yeah I'd say if it's not the battery pull or the bluetoof and it hasn't gone for a swim take it in.
    02-19-09 06:51 PM
  6. jbeachy's Avatar
    I thought of Bluetooth as well - I had a Treo that I thought was wacked out until I realized the my Bluetooth headset in my briefcase was still on!

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    02-19-09 07:16 PM